Top 5 Ways To Increase Your Ovulation Naturally

Top 5 Ways To Increase Your Ovulation Naturally

Are you planning for a baby?

Well, this is the most wonderful thought in life. One’s life gets complete with a family. There is no doubt that everything else is aside when it comes to family.

However, the journey to family planning is not always fruitful for many couples. They often face many issues in conceiving a baby. One such factor that hinders conceiving is when they don’t plan around the time of ovulation. At the time of ovulation, a few hours of the “fertile window” is the right time when the egg is ready for fertilization. So, tracking the right time and planning accordingly may make you successful in getting pregnant.

Ovulation is the time exactly 14 days before the next menstrual phase. Women’s menstrual cycles may vary from one another. 

  • In a 24 day cycle, ovulation occurs around day 10. So, the fertile window is between 7 to 10.
  • In a 28 day cycle, ovulation occurs around day 14, so the fertile window is between 11 to 14.
  • In a 35 day cycle, ovulation occurs around day 21, and the fertile window is between 18 to 21.

The egg is released from the ovaries during ovulation and enters the fallopian tube, where it stays for 12-24 hours. In contrast, sperm can last for as long as 5 days. So, chances of getting pregnant rise when couples have intercourse during ovulation.

How to increase ovulation naturally?

How to increase ovulation naturally?

Now that you have learned about the right time for ovulation, it is necessary to follow some tips and tricks from the best IVF doctor in Noida to increase your ovulation naturally. Below listed are 5 ways by which you can enhance ovulation and boost fertility.

Adopt a Pro-Fertility diet

Do you know? A healthy nutritional diet is directly linked with fertility. It plays an essential role in maintaining the reproductive system in women. Having a pro-fertility diet can make drastic health changes, boost the fertility rate, and ultimately, you can soon expect fair chances of getting pregnant.

So, what should your ovulation boosting foods include?

  • Opt for low-glycemic index food and fill it with good carbs like whole grains, green leafy vegetables, etc.
  • There should not be any traces of trans fats.
  • Include Omega 3 fatty acids.
  • Switch to more plant protein rather than animal protein.
  • Add more fibre to your diet.

Maintain a healthy weight

Getting pregnant becomes quite difficult for women who are underweight or overweight. Women with these issues often have irregular periods or no periods at all. This signifies no ovulation, hence infertility raises. 

However, if women become pregnant being overweight or underweight, then many other risks increases such as miscarriage, high-blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, affect on baby’s health, or may require C-section. When so many things are at stake, then why not maintain a healthy weight before pregnancy.

This will cut down all the complications that may arise during pregnancy and can have successful normal delivery. Maintaining a healthy weight is essential when trying to get pregnant.

It has been researched that on an average 20-24 is the right range of BMI (Body Mass Index) for fertility zones.

Do some workouts 

Do some workout or excercise regularly to make sure your body stays healthy. Those having irregular periods or having extra kilos must not skip doing exercise if they want to conceive.

On the contrary, doing vigorous exercise can also have a negative impact on lean bodies. It may affect their health. So, it is imperative to watch out on physical activity as per the body needs.

Women with infertility issues or irregular periods should opt for a workout routine. This will help them to ovulate at the right time and thus, soon they can have good news.

Ditch the soda

To conceive, women often get confused among food items- which is ovulation boosting foods or drinks to include and which to ignore?

Many things need to be considered in a diet as per every woman’s body. Talking about soda/diet soda, it is a complete “NO”. Since soda is a highly caffeinated drink, it may increase the risk factors for getting pregnant and may slow down the process of ovulation.

According to some medical research, it has been observed that women with high consumption of caffeinated drinks are more prone to infertility than those who consume very little.

The best alternatives for caffeinated sodas are carbonated water, lemon water, lime, pomegranate juice, milk, and full-fat dairy products.

Add prenatal vitamins 

Without any doubt, prenatal vitamins are essential for the growth of the fetus. The right proportion of folic acid and vitamin d can help the fetus grow fully in your womb. The second and third weeks of pregnancy are when prenatal play their part by letting the baby’s neural tube fuse properly. 

To enhance fertility, multi-vitamin, folic acid, and vitamin D are essential to cover any deficiencies in women. On average, women are primarily deficient in vitamin D, which disrupts the functioning of ovulation.

So, consult your GYN to get the proper dosage of prenatal vitamins.

If you’re looking for the best fertility specialist in Noida, schedule an appointment with Dr. Shweta Goswami. She is the best IVF doctor in Noida, at Zeeva Clinic – the best IVF center in Noida.

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Final words

In getting pregnant, many factors need to be considered, and among them, ovulation is the prime one. Knowing the right time of ovulation can increase your chances of conceiving. And, donot forget to add food to increase ovulation naturally and all other points mentioned above can help you out.


When is the right time to plan a baby?

The right time for intercourse to have a successful pregnancy is the time of ovulation which occurs precisely 14 days after your periods.

How to increase ovulation naturally?

To enhance ovulation and boost fertility, you can induce a healthy diet, multi-vitamins, proper exercise, and strictly eliminate caffeinated drinks. There are many more things that one can consider to increase ovulation.

How can I find my fertile window?

As discussed above, the fertile window is around the time of ovulation. On average, in a 28-day menstrual cycle, ovulation occurs on day 14, so the fertile window is between 11 and 14 days.

What is the ovulation boosting foods?

Ovulation boosting foods are whole grains and green leafy vegetables. A good amount of carbs, 0 trans fat, a good amount of omega 3, plant protein, etc., are considered beneficial for enhancing ovulation.

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