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At Zeeva Fertility, we help couples to start their journey to becoming parents with innovative technologies and individualised care. Over 2500 families have benefited with our IVF treatment.


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Infertility Specialist- zeeva clinic

Every Parenthood journey is unique. Find the best treatment plan for you

Our IVF clinic is equipped with the best in class facilities to help you achieve maximum results at every stage of the IVF cycle.

We offer individualised treatment plans based on an in depth evaluation and understanding of your infertility problems, to optimise your chances of pregnancy.

Our team of dedicated infertility doctors is with you to support you throughout the treatment process and are experienced in delivering the best care.

We believe in providing innovative solutions using expert techniques to ensure you receive the best chances of starting or growing your family.


Increase Your Fertility Chances

We are experienced in different areas of infertility to improve your chances of conceiving, specific to your needs.

Zeeva clinc- Ivf Center in delhi
Egg Freezing
Donor Egg

Special High-quality Services

Zeeva clinc- Ivf Center in delhi

Fertility Testing

Various methods used to diagnose and assess infertility problems

Zeeva clinc- Ivf Center in delhi

Infertility Treatment

Using innovative technologies to increase pregnancy chances

Zeeva clinc- Ivf Center in delhi

Fertility Preservation

Choosing the best method to increase chances for future conception

Zeeva clinc- Ivf Center in delhi

Women Care

Specialized care to monitor a woman’s overall health and wellbeing


Our Dedicated Team of Infertility Doctors

IVF Specialist in Noida - Dr Shweta Goswami

Dr. Shweta Goswami

Director Zeeva Fertility

Dr Tanveer Aujla - IVF Specialist in Noida

Dr. Tanveer Aujla

Senior Consultant, Zeeva Women Care

Dr Akansha Chauhan - IVF Doctor in Noida

Dr. Akansha Chauhan

Associate Consultant, Zeeva Fertility & Women Care

Dr Kiran Sharma - Gynaecologist in Noida

Dr. Kiran Sharma

Senior Consultant, Obstetrics And Gynaecology


Dr. Shweta Goswami

Dr. Shweta Goswami is an experienced IVF Consultant at Zeeva Clinic, Noida. She is a well known infertility specialist and IVF expert. With over 15 years of clinical exposure, she has expertise in IVF, ICSI, Donor Egg IVF, Surrogacy, Surgical Sperm Collection, Hysteroscopy, Laparoscopy, Male Infertility, Sexual Dysfunction, Endometriosis, Recurrent Miscarriages, Donor Sperm IUI and IVF, Embryo Freezing, etc.

Dr. Shweta Goswami supports and encourages patients to understand and explore the fertility options that would maximise the chances of pregnancy. She always suggests the treatment that is best suited for her patients after understanding the patients health history.

MBBS (With Honours)

Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi

FNB (Fellowship in IVF & Reproductive Medicine)

IRM, Kolkata

Senior Residency

Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi

MS (OBSTT & Gynaecology)


Find the Best IVF Center Near You

Zeeva clinc- Ivf Center in delhi

Zeeva Fertility | IVF Center in

Zeeva Clinic, HA 103A, First Floor, SECTOR 104, Noida- 201304



Cloudnine Hospital | IVF Hospital in Noida

C-9, Hoshiarpur Village, Sector 51, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301


Zeeva Fertility | IVF Clinic in Greater Noida

LGF 31, Mahagun Mart Mall, Gaur city 2, Greater Noida West



We have a well-equipped clinic for the following treatments

Have any questions regarding Infertility? Let’s Help You!

+(91)-8377855100 info@zeeva.in


We Deliver a Complete Healthcare Package

Zeeva clinc- Ivf Center in delhi

Individualised Care

At Zeeva Fertility, we understand that each patients’ needs and ailments are different. Therefore, we strive to provide individualised care to each patient depending on the complexity of their health condition.

Zeeva clinc- Ivf Center in delhi

Advanced Technology

Our clinic is well equipped with the latest technology and advanced equipment to assist in treatment for IVF, IUI, Embryo Freezing, etc. We aim to provide the highest level of treatment and service standards to our patients.

Zeeva clinc- Ivf Center in delhi

Wellness Program

We understand that our patients’ needs go beyond mere medical treatment. That’s why we provide supplemental services such as mind and body wellness programs. All designed to maximize your chances for a successful pregnancy.


What Our Patients Are Saying

chandan mishra
chandan mishra
13:01 28 Feb 20
We wish we could give 10 stars for Dr.SDr.Shweta.Our experience is amazing with Dr Shweta,she is very nice and... caring.she explain everything in a very nice and friendly way which itself cure you up to some extents and rest is done by her knowledge and understanding about your problem you are suffering.I would suggest all couple if you are looking for gynecologist she is better than the best.read more
Rajiv Tripathi
Rajiv Tripathi
11:03 26 Feb 20
Very friendly and provides ample time to explain difficulties, which is uncommon among today's medical professionals.... We are in the 1st trimester and visit regularly for routine check-ups. I would recommend her undoubtedly if you happen to live in Noida. I have full faith in Dr. Shweta and her team.read more
Ravikant Guleria
Ravikant Guleria
10:26 25 Feb 20
I am giving more than 5 stars to Dr. Shweta Goswami and her team. My experience with Dr. Shweta Goswami was good and... amazing. She is very caring, friendly, co operative, soft spoken and explained things very clearly. I am lucky to have her as my doctor. The care that we've received from her, all was amazing. Words can not begin to thank you for all that you did for us. We will never forget what you were able to do for us. You made our dreams come true. Thank you.read more
sangeeta bisht
sangeeta bisht
14:56 04 Jan 20
I wish I could give more than 5 stars. I highly recommend to all childless couples, trust me Dr. Shewta and her team is... amazing for infertility. Motherhood is definitely a blessing and still can’t believe that I am pregnant after struggling 3 years.read more
preety rawat
preety rawat
06:00 03 Jan 20
I want to express my sincere appreciation for the promptness and professional care given to me. Dr Shweta is soft... spoken and concerned, friendly while maintaining professional and efficient standards of service. I was very thankful for the excellent care. Our experience at this facility was of the quickest and best we have ever encountered. Everyone in the hospital is friendly. The Doctor & staff are professional.Thank you doctor.read more
lalit kumar
lalit kumar
07:05 19 Dec 19
Dr. Shweta is an amazing doctor with very friendly nature. She is very soft spoken and explain things very clearly. Her... team is also very supportive and soft spoken. Always approachable in case of any query. I and my wife had an amazing experience with Dr. Shweta and her team. Thank you Dr.read more
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Zeeva Fertility is committed to providing compassionate and ethical fertility treatment. We are widely recognised for personalised attention and clinical excellence. We work on the most basic therapies as well as the most sophisticated reproductive technologies. We understand our patients’ needs and we go beyond mere medical treatment. And that is why we also provide supplemental services in our fertility clinic such as mind and body wellness programs. It is designed to maximize the chances of a successful pregnancy.


Having an experience of 15 years, Dr Shweta Goswami is an internationally trained infertility and IVF Specialist in Noida leading Zeeva Fertility, the best IVF center in Noida. She is known for her ethical, transparent, professional, and clinical approach. She is an acclaimed IVF and Infertility Specialist in Noida, having expertise in IVF, ICSI, Donor Egg IVF, Surrogacy, Surgical Sperm Collection, Hysteroscopy, Laparoscopy, Male Infertility, Sexual Dysfunction, etc. Over the years, Dr Shweta has gained loyal clientele and other honourable clients due to her constant dedication, precision, and compassion. Request for consultation today!



01/ When to seek infertility treatment?

You can seek infertility treatment if –
– You have been trying to get pregnant for a year now and are younger than 35 years old.
– You are older than 35 years and are trying to get pregnant for 3 to 4 months now.

02/ What is the cost of the IVF?

Usually, two to four embryos are placed in the woman’s uterus at one time, and each attempt is called a cycle. The average IVF Cost is Rs. 1,00,000 – Rs. 2,00,000 per IVF cycle.

03/ Is IVF painful?

Well, during in vitro fertilization it can be uncomfortable rather than painful. The daily dose of injections and number can be different for everyone and is the only painful part of IVF. The egg retrieval procedure is usually done under anaesthesia, so the IVF process isn’t typically a painful treatment.

04/ What is the IVF process timeline?

The IVF process timeline is usually around 3 weeks from consultation to transfer. In cases where the embryos are frozen in the stimulation cycle, and embryo transfer is done in a subsequent cycle, the whole procedure would take around 6-8 weeks.

05/ Is a baby born after fertility treatment normal?

The IVF baby is as healthy as other children as far as their mental and physical attributes are concerned. They are as naturally born like other children.

06/ How to track ovulation and natural fertility?

To track your menstrual cycle, identify your expected window of ovulation and follow the steps such as –
Step 1 – Plan on tracking your menstrual period for 8 to 12 months.
Step 2 – Day 1 will be the first day to start your menstruation.
Step 3 – Pick the longest and shortest of cycles for your monthly tracking.
Once you know your average menstrual cycle length, you can work out when you ovulate. Usually, ovulation happens about 14 days before your period starts. So, for a usual 28 days cycle, the most fertile window is between day 10 to day 18 of cycle.


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