Procedure we follow for ICSI treatment

The doctor monitors the evolution of the eggs. Whenever the egg is ready to be harvested, ICSI treatment is performed.

1. Retrieval

In retrieval, patients have to ejaculate into a cup or have their sperm surgically removed to provide a sperm sample and retrieve the sperm in different ways. It is possible to perform the sperm retrieval procedure earlier and freeze the sperm.

3. Monitoring the embryo

Embryos that have been fertilised are kept in a lab for up to six days. Their growth and development are observed during this period. It is an essential step for selecting the most viable and healthy embryos. The woman will not be able to transfer all the fertilised embryos to her uterus.

2. Transfer of Embryos

A few embryos are selected for transfer using an ultrasound-guided catheter after reaching a particular stage of development. This procedure may be performed after two days or five days of fertilisation.

4. Injection of Sperm into Egg

One sperm is isolated from the semen sample once it has been washed. A hollow needle is used to inject this into the egg. Sprouts are injected directly rather than swimming through cervical fluid, eliminating their need to pass through it.

ICSI Treatment Centre In Noida

Insight & Advice About ICSI Treatment

In order for fertilisation to take place usually, the head of the sperm must attach to the ovum and penetrate the outer layer to reach the cytoplasm, where the actual process takes place. However, male infertility is a factor that can block sperm from penetrating the outer wall of the ovum for a variety of reasons.

We recommend IVF ICSI treatment if the ovum’s zona pellucida, or the outside wall of the ovum, is very thick and not vulnerable to penetration by sperm. Infertility treatment previously failed; freezing of sperm doesn’t seem to be very active. And natural fertilisation can interfere with the results when PGD or preimplantation genetic screening is done.

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    Zeeva Fertility is committed to providing compassionate and ethical fertility treatment. We are widely recognised for personalised attention and clinical excellence. We work on the most basic therapies as well as the most sophisticated reproductive technologies. We understand our patients’ needs and we go beyond mere medical treatment. And that is why we also provide supplemental services in our fertility clinic such as mind and body wellness programs. It is designed to maximise the chances of a successful pregnancy.


    Having an experience of 20+ years, Dr Shweta Goswami is an internationally trained infertility and ICSI Specialist in Noida leading Zeeva Fertility, the best ICSI centre in Noida. She is known for her ethical, transparent, professional, and clinical approach. She is an acclaimed ICSI and Infertility Specialist in Noida, having expertise in ICSI, Donor Egg IVF, Surrogacy, Surgical Sperm Collection, Hysteroscopy, Laparoscopy, Male Infertility, Sexual Dysfunction, etc. Over the years, Dr Shweta has gained loyal clientele and other honourable clients due to her constant dedication, precision, and compassion.


    01/ How much will ICSI treatment cost?

    ICSI infertility is 30% more expensive than In vitro fertilization. The extra charge considers a large amount of laboratory time taken with the sperm injection and the massive cost of training staff and purchasing the necessary precision micromanipulation equipment.

    02/ How does ICSI differ from standard IVF?

    In IVF treatment, multiple sperm are placed next to the egg in a dish for fertilization. However, during ICSI treatment, a single sperm is injected directly into the center of the egg.

    03/ How successful is ICSI?

    The success rate of ICSI infertility is as good as conventional In vitro fertilization treatment. And about 70-80% of eggs will fertilize in the ICSI treatment in Noida.

    04/ How much time does it take to know the pregnancy result after ICSI treatment?

     In 12 – 14 days after the embryo transfer, the doctor will schedule a time to check the hCG hormone level through blood testing. An affirmative or negative result will be shown based on the test outcome.

    05/ What are the advantages of ICSI treatment?
    • By injecting sperm cells directly into an egg, this procedure eliminates the complications associated with male infertility.
    • This solution is perfect for men with low sperm counts, low motility, or other fertility problems.
    • The ICSI procedure can still be used by paralyzed or irreversibly vasectomy men.
    • ICSI allows couples who failed in previous treatments to become parents.
    06/ Who are the ideal candidates for ICSI treatment?
    • Men with low sperm count, abnormal sperm morphology, or poor motility
    • Men with insufficient sperm production who have difficulty ejaculating, couples who have repeatedly failed to succeed at IVF
    • A couple considering frozen eggs or sperm for fertilization
    • Women suffer from moderate or severe endometriosis.

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