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At our IUI treatment centre in Noida, we offer a complete range of reliable, world-class facilities to help you achieve the best possible success at every stage of the treatment cycle. The team provides a personalized treatment plan based on a thorough medical evaluation of each patient’s needs. We provide only the best quality care and make your experience with us pleasant and memorable.

Our aim is to take care of our patients in any way possible to have the best possible experience with our treatment services. Keeping the privacy of our patients is imperative to us. We use innovative solutions and expert techniques to provide families with a chance of success.

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IUI treatment involves preparing and delivering a concentrated amount of active, motile sperm into a woman’s uterus via the cervix. IUI occurs while a woman is taking medicines to stimulate ovulation. This procedure can increase fertility with a low-tech, cost-effective approach.

A viscous solution separates motile sperm from dead sperm and other cells. We usually separate sperm using a method called density gradient separation. The process takes about two hours.

After being prepared, sperm concentrate is injected with a thin, flexible catheter through the cervix into the uterus. Usually, it takes 5 and 10 minutes. Patients may experience mild muscle cramps during the procedure, but they should subside shortly afterwards.

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Individualised Care

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Our clinic has the latest technology and advanced equipment to assist in IUI treatment. We aim to provide the highest level of treatment and service standards to our patients.

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We understand that the needs of our patients extend beyond physical ailments. That’s why we offer a variety of patient services, including mind and body wellness programs designed to help you conceive.


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    Zeeva Fertility is committed to providing compassionate and ethical fertility treatment. We are widely recognised for personalised attention and clinical excellence. We work on the most basic therapies as well as the most sophisticated reproductive technologies. We understand our patients’ needs and we go beyond mere medical treatment. And that is why we also provide supplemental services in our fertility clinic such as mind and body wellness programs. It is designed to maximize the chances of a successful pregnancy.


    Having an experience of 20+ years, Dr Shweta Goswami is an internationally trained infertility and IUI Specialist in Noida leading Zeeva Fertility, the best IUI centre in Noida. She is known for her ethical, transparent, professional, and clinical approach. She is an acclaimed IUI and Infertility Specialist in Noida, having expertise in IVF, IUI, ICSI, Donor Egg IVF, Surrogacy, Surgical Sperm Collection, Hysteroscopy, Laparoscopy, Male Infertility, Sexual Dysfunction, etc. Over the years, Dr Shweta has gained loyal clientele and other honourable clients due to her constant dedication, precision, and compassion.


    01/ What is IUI? And how is it done?

    IUI treatment is performed by threading a thin, flexible catheter through the cervix and injecting washed, motile sperm into the uterus.

    The whole process does not take very long—it usually takes no more than a couple of minutes once a speculum has been inserted and the catheter threaded through.

    02/ Where is the sperm collected? How long before the IUI?

    If you are ordering at home, Aspire HFI requires that the sperm be delivered to the office within an hour of ejaculation. Otherwise, we provide a collection room for men in the office. A sterile collection cup is used to collect sperm samples.

    For IUI, the post-washing delay can range from thirty minutes to two hours, with most clinics can perform IUI within two hours of washing. For IUI (in vitro fertilization), doctors will often cryopreserve all sperm; a thaw cycle is not required.

    03/ When is the most appropriate timing for intrauterine insemination?

    IUI treatment should be performed as soon as ovulation on either side. An IUI is usually done within 24 to 48 hours after an hCG injection; the timing of injections for many IUI’s should allow at least 24 hours between them.

    04/ What does an IUI feel like?

    Most women consider IUI pretty painless due to the thin, flexible catheter — along the same lines as having a pap smear. There can be some cramping afterwards, but often what is felt is ovulation-related rather than from the IUI.

    05/ What monitoring is usually done for the IUI cycle?

    Once ovarian stimulation begins, ultrasound monitoring can be increased to confirm ovulation. When gonadotropins are used, bloodwork and ultrasounds become more frequent.

    06/ What does “sperm washing” mean?

    Sperm preparation is a lab technique used during IUI to separate motile sperm from non-motile sperm and other components, such as seminal fluid, of human semen.

    In the case of near-normal specimens, ejaculate is mixed with a washing medium after liquefying and centrifuging.

    After discarding the supernatant, it is necessary to resuspend the sediment in a washing medium. This process is repeated 2-3 times maximum. In the final wash, the residue is resuspended in 0.5 ccs of the medium and then loaded into a syringe and then deposited into the uterus.

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