Tips For Conceiving With One Fallopian Tube

Tips For Conceiving With One Fallopian Tube

Women often face issues in their pregnancy. A variety of factors can lead to these conditions, including PCOS, diabetes, non-functioning fallopian tubes, and many more. All the factors are associated with different symptoms, root causes, and diagnoses. In this article, we will talk about fallopian tubes, their role in pregnancy, and most importantly, the possibility of getting pregnant with one fallopian tube.

It requires courage to conceive with single fallopian tube. Many women or their loved ones are always afraid of this situation because they believe that it is not possible to have a successful pregnancy with one fallopian tube. But, here  is a good news for all of you.

Eager to know that news!

To your surprise, it has been researched that one fully functional fallopian tube is fully competent to get pregnant as long as there are no other infertility issues associated. There are many tips for conceiving with one fallopian tube, which we will discuss further. Before that, let us first have some knowledge about fallopian tubes and their purpose.

What are fallopian tubes, and what is their purpose?

Fallopian tubes are also known as uterine tubes, oviducts, or salpinges (singular salpinx). These are the hollow seromuscular organs that extend from the uterine horns to the ovaries in the female pelvis. More precisely, these are the forms of a channel that passes a fertilised egg from the ovaries to the uterus. The size of these tubes is as follows- 11-12 cm in length with a lumen diameter of less than 1mm. 

So looking after the purpose of the fallopian tubes, these are majorly held responsible for infertility due to their mal-functioning as these are the sites of infections and neoplasms. In addition to this, fallopian tubes are also connected with surgical sterilisation.

Do you know what they are composed of?

The Uterine, Isthmus, Ampulla, and Infundibulum are the 4 major parts of the fallopian tube. Among these, Ampulla is the site of fertilisation, and the Infundibulum catches the released oocyte.

Women are blessed with 2 fallopian tubes. This is due to the reason that if anyone’s fallopian tube stops functioning, then the other can resume the functioning of the ovulation cycle.

Common causes of non-functioning fallopian tubes:

  • Blocked fallopian tube because of fibroid tumours.
  • The history of any infections or medical conditions that led to scarring of the fallopian tubes or the removal of them.
  • A previous ectopic pregnancy damaged the fallopian tube or even resulted in its removal.
  • Possibility of congenital disability or an anatomical abnormality.
  • Fallopian tube blockage is caused due to endometrial tissue built-in.
  • Any past abdominal or pelvic surgery that damaged or blocked the fallopian tube.

All the above-mentioned causative factors have affected many women and led to the malfunctioning of one fallopian tube or two. If both the fallopian tubes are damaged, then the scenario would be different, but if only one fallopian tube is damaged, then it will be possible to conceive a baby.

Is pregnancy possible with one fallopian tube?

Is Pregnancy Possible With One Fallopian Tube

Many ladies with a single fallopian tube have one question in their mind – Can I get pregnant with one fallopian tube?

Fortunately, YES!

Though the work of two fallopian tubes can ease the process of getting pregnant, the single fallopian tube is also capable enough to carry the fertilised egg if:

You have a healthy fallopian tube

Knowing that you have one non-functioning fallopian tube, it becomes crucial that your other tube is perfectly fit and healthy to carry the egg. A healthy fallopian tube would be free of blockages so that egg and sperm may get a clean passage to do the work.

Apart from blockages, your doctor will review the HSG film or operative notes at laparoscopy to check if the other tube is healthy and functional. Thereafter, you will get a customized treatment.

However, HSG or tube tests might say your one tube is blocked. Sometimes, it can be a false alarm. Women often feel sudden muscle spasm and pain during the test causing the fallopian tube to appear blocked in the reports. So, your doctor might suggest more tests to reach a proper conclusion.

To your surprise, the amazing fact is that the fully functional fallopian tube has the ability to pick up the fertilised egg from the damaged tube.

You have regular periods

A regular ovulation cycle is a must for successful pregnancy with one fallopian tube. If your fallopian tube is clear and healthy, but your egg is not mature and healthy, then the chances of getting pregnant decrease.

You can track down your menstrual cycle and find your fertility window (i.e. after 21 days from day 1 of periods) to get pregnant easily.

You are at the right age for fertility.

There is no denying the fact that age matters when it comes to pregnancy, but it is imperative in the case of a single fallopian tube. Ageing beyond 40 years reduces the chances of getting pregnant with one tube as egg quality triggers. 

If you are with one tube and also have an age issue, then it is better to consult an expert Gynae or fertility centre. If you’re looking for the best fertility specialist in Noida, schedule an appointment at Zeeva Clinic – a leading fertility clinic and the best IVF center in Noida.

Fertility Treatments For Women With One Tube

Women are offered various IVF treatments for successful pregnancy with one fallopian tube. Below listed are a couple of treatments that are extensively given:

Removal of blocked or scarred tube-

This treatment is often recommended by gynaecologists when one of the two fallopian tubes is damaged due to any reason. It involves surgery to remove the blocked tube in order to improve the chances of fertility. 

Proper fertility medication-

Ovulation through a single fallopian tube is supported by an effective medication dosage that increases the egg release count and chances of getting pregnant.

Tips for conceiving with one fallopian tube:

These are some tips you can use for conceiving with a single tube

  • Get a good knowledge of your menstrual cycle and associated body changes during that phase.
  • Get pregnant at the right time by finding your “fertile window”.
  • Fertile timing can be tracked in 3 ways, i.e. basal body temperature method, calendar method, and ovulation method.
  • Maintain healthy body weight.
  • Have a good and nutritious meal.
  • Practice meditation and light exercise to ease your mind and body.
  • Some other tips for conceiving with one fallopian tube include treatment options such as intrauterine insemination, medication, surgery, assisted reproductive technology, and third-party assistance.
  • If nothing works, then last is IVF, which also makes a good option for women with one tube because, in this, the fallopian tubes are completely bypassed.

With all these tips, you can easily experience joyful pregnancy with one fallopian tube. But, if you face some serious complications, then never compromise there. Visit your nearest gynaecologists to get things clear. No need to worry anymore!

To get the best medical attention and care, schedule an appointment with the best IVF centers in Noida.

Embrace motherhood with a single fully-functional fallopian tube.


Can I get pregnant with one fallopian tube?

As described in this article, it is possible to get pregnant with one tube if you have a healthy second tube. There are some other factors that are responsible for making pregnancy possible with tubes like age factor, ovulation cycle, sperm quality, etc.

 How will I realise if my tubes are clogged?

Most often, women only get to know about their blocked tubes at the time of expectancy. However, some minor symptoms may include consistent pain in one area of the stomach.

Will I get expectant biologically with blocked fallopian tubes?

If one tube is blocked and the other is fully working, then the chances of successful pregnancy with one fallopian tube are high. However, if both tubes are clogged, then fertility treatment would be required.

What causes blocked fallopian tubes?

Different factors lead to blocked tubes, such as pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), endometritis, contaminations after childbirth as well as intra-abdominal impurities like appendicitis and peritonitis, and many more.

What are the tips for conceiving with one fallopian tube?

As discussed above in the article, there are many tips to conceive with one tube, including knowledge of your menstrual cycle, fertility window, healthy diet, meditation, etc.

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