Top 10 IVF Treatment Centres In Noida With High Success Rates

Top 10 IVF Treatment Centres In Noida

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

Before we move ahead with the best IVF hospitals, let’s first get an overview of what IVF actually is. ‘In Vitro’ is a Latin word that means ‘in glass’. In IVF, female eggs and male sperm are fertilised together in a lab to make an embryo, and then the fertilised embryo is transferred to the woman’s uterus. One entire cycle of IVF takes approximately 21 days to complete. The process can be done using the couple’s own eggs and sperms, or they can also opt to use Donor- Eggs, sperms, and embryos. If multiple embryos are transferred to the uterus, it can also lead to multiple pregnancies. Now, if you’re searching for the “best IVF centre near me” on Google, then we have sorted your problem with our comprehensive list of the top 10 IVF hospitals in Noida. Let’s have a look:

List of the Best 10 IVF Hospitals in Noida

1. Zeeva:

Zeeva Best IVF Clinic In Noida

Zeeva Fertility is devoted to providing compassionate and ethical fertility treatment. They are widely recognised for personalised attention and clinical excellence. They work on the most fundamental therapies as well as the most sophisticated reproductive technologies. Zeeva understands its patient’s needs and goes beyond mere medical treatment. Zeeva is team of dedicated infertility doctors to support patients throughout the treatment process and are experienced in dilivering the best care.  And that is why they also provide supplemental services in their fertility clinic, such as mind and body wellness programs. These programs are designed to maximise the probabilities chances of a successful pregnancy.

2. Adam And Eve Test Tube Baby Centre:

Adam And Eve Test Tube Baby Centre

In 2007, renowned IVF Specialists  Dr Sarita (Medical Director) and Dr Akash Sharma (Chairman) founded Adam & Eve Test Tube Baby Centre in Noida, U.P., to spread happiness into the lives of couples suffering from infertility with a positive vision and commitment to providing highly advanced and innovative fertility treatments to turn out the pessimism of couples with impotence and fill their lap with joy and content. Since its genesis year, Adam And Eve have brought the silver line in the blurry lives of countless childless couples from all over India with In vitro fertilisation (IVF), a treatment for infertility or genetic issues. Through their patient-centric approach, along with the spirited and stalwart team of super-specialists, Adam And Eve, one of Noida’s top IVF hospitals, has helped more than eight hundred couples live their most desirable dream. 

3. Advance Fertility:

Advance Fertility

Advance Fertility and Gynae Centre is certainly one of the best IVF hospitals in Noida, providing the best IVF services and an outstanding assisted reproduction centre, easily accessible via all forms of transportation. Led by internationally acclaimed infertility expert Dr Kaberi Banerjee with a team of fertility experts having professional qualifications and experienced experts, offer a guarantee of success at a fraction of the fees you would pay for similar treatments abroad. For all those couples who are surfing the internet while typing “Best Fertility Hospital Near Me”, the Advance Fertility Centre has a state-of-the-art embryology laboratory with all the latest equipment required for the best results, even in difficult cases or those with previous failures. 

4. Little Angel IVF:

Little Angel IVFLittle Angel IVF is one of the leading IVF hospitals in Noida, which offers outstanding medical services of the highest level of treatment of infertility problems. Their team of highly experienced fertility experts makes it clinic a well-reputed fertility clinic in Noida. The dedicated team of experts provide suitable treatment to couples who are not able to naturally conceive a child. Being in the infertility treatment field for over 20 years, the Little Angel Center has become one of the renowned fertility clinics in Noida & Delhi NCR. Their highly proficient teams of fertility experts, along with well-competent staff members, work as a synchronised unit to deliver quality medical excellence and enhance your chances of attaining parenthood. 

5. Crysta IVF:

Crysta IVF

Crysta IVF has offered far-fetched care to childless couples ever since opening its doors to parenthood. Being one of the full-service and best IVF Centres in Noida, the state-of-the-art fertility unit remains devoted to improving the lives of couples and individuals through infertility treatment care, fertility awareness, and the reduction of pain and suffering related to fertility and other reproductive health issues. With Crysta IVF at different locations in India, patients who are considering infertility treatments get easy access to diagnostic and therapeutic services, radiology services, infertility counselling, surgical treatments, ultrasound imaging, and much more.

6. Indira IVF:

Indira IVF

Indira IVF is indeed one of the best IVF Centres in Noida and across many other cities. They offer world-class fertility treatment along with proper schedules that are specifically designed & personalised for their valued patients. With Indira IVF, you can be 100% assured that you are in safe hands. They have pan-India IVF hospitals, offering every vital treatment to hopeful patients. By leveraging the latest technologies and by standardising the procedures, Indira IVF has become one of the best IVF Clinics in Noida.

7. SCI IVF Centre:

SCI IVF Centre

SCI IVF Centre tops the search results for the “Best Fertility Hospital Near Me”. Back in 2011, to aid those couples, who are battling sterility and help them to experience the joyous moment of parenthood, SCI IVF Centre was founded. At SCI IVF Centre, they are quite sure that both of you are going to be remarkable parents in the future. Therefore, SCI, as one of the IVF hospitals, will provide you with a helping hand in your war against infertility and support you in getting rid of every issue in your life. They aim to banish infertility from our country and help everyone who is juggling with this issue. Therefore, if you are struggling with this curse of infertility, then ensure to reach out to them. Besides this, they also offer numerous other procedures, such as Laser Assisted Hatching, ICSI, Ovarian Induction,  Blastocyst Culture, IUI, and Surgical Sperm Retrieval, to treat the issues of infertility. Furthermore, they also hold numerous donor programs throughout the year. So, SCI IVF centre can help you with almost anything and everything you need to overcome your situation and become a successful parent, which makes it the best IVF centre.

8. MediCover Fertility:

MediCover Fertility

Medicover is a leading international healthcare provider based in Europe and has an expanding footprint in India. Its journey started in the year 2016 to address the growing need for fertility issues in the country. Every 3 hours, a Medicover baby is born worldwide, showcasing the high success rates of our Fertility Treatments. Medicover Fertility, being one of the leading IVF hospitals, offers a standardised, ethical, and advanced fertility treatment to its patients with state-of-art technology, clinical embryologists, dedicated nurses, a team of fertility experts and other extensive services. It brings European standards of operating protocols which have been designed and validated in multiple European countries under the guidelines of ESHRE, an authority for infertility treatment in Europe. Its IVF Clinics in Noida exceed national and international standards required by organisations including the WHO, ICMR and ASRM.

9. Nova IVF Fertility:

Nova IVF FertilityNova IVF Fertility (NIF) is apparently among the largest service providers in fertility treatment. Its aim is to provide highly advanced Assisted Reproductive Technology in India on par with international quality standards. While our country has seen a considerable rise in the number of patients who are opting for IVF treatments, the numbers are still relatively low in comparison to the couples actually requiring medical treatment. The major reason for this is the lack of awareness. Today, people need to be made aware of the basic concept that infertility is a disease that needs to be addressed medically. NIF was launched with the commitment to offer standardised and ethical infertility treatment, as well as addressing the urgent need for an organised institutional provider for fertility treatment. 

10. Vrinda Fertility:

Vrinda Fertility

Vrinda Fertility is a prominent IVF and Infertility Center in Noida, India. They hold expertise in giving world standard care while keeping up the pledge to a patient-friendly condition. They provide state-of-the-art facilities in IVF & Infertility treatment, ICSI, Frozen Embryo Transfer, Cryopreservation (Egg & Sperm Freezing), OBS & GYNAE and other Specialties at affordable prices. Vrinda Fertility has established a world-class laboratory in this region that strictly follows international quality standards and stays committed to delivering the best to its patients.


“We must accept finite disappointment but never lose infinite hope.” ~ Dr Martin Luther King, Jr.

It’s apparent that fertility complications are challenging – not just physically, but also emotionally and even psychologically too, and finding the suitable and “best IVF centre near me” on the internet within a specified budget that can treat you most efficiently is even more difficult. Therefore, we have listed the top10 IVF hospitals in Noida, run or supervised by one of the best IVF doctors. We hope, you will this article helpful in your parenthood journey. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Which are the best IVF Hospitals in Noida?

Contact Zeeva, CloudNine fertility and Advance Fertility. These centres comprise highly experienced fertility specialists and staff. They also offer the most affordable IVF treatment in Noida. Their approach to the treatment is extremely patient-friendly and positive, which is ideal for IVF treatment.

2. What is the success rate of IVF in Noida?

In-Vitro Fertilization has been a boon to infertility couples who cannot conceive naturally. The success rate for IVF depends on multiple factors like patient age, patient medical history, history of previous pregnancies, egg quality, etc. The average percentage is between 55% and 85%.

3. What is the toughest part of the IVF procedure?

Waiting for your chance. Not just IVF if you talk about all the other fertility treatments as well, like IVF and ICSI, when asked the patients which was the most difficult part during the treatment, the most common answer was the waiting part.

4. How many eggs are necessary for IVF eggs?

IVF experts recommend multiple eggs to enhance the success of IVF. Doctors use stimulation or fertility drugs to produce an increased number of eggs, even for women with natural ovulation. Usually, the IVF specialists retrieve 10 to 20 eggs for In-vitro fertilisation.

5. What can be the ways to increase the success of IVF in the first cycle?

The number of IVF cycles entirely depends on the fertility condition of the patient and several other factors. However, fertility specialists suggest the following ways to boost IVF success:

  • Controlling stress
  • Managing your weight
  • Quit drinking and smoking
  • Taking supplements and medications on time
  • Ensuring adequate levels of Vitamin D
  • Do not miss the doctor’s appointments
  • Choosing the best IVF Centre, Embryologist, and Doctor
Dr. Shweta Goswami, MBBS from MAMC, MD in Obstetrics and Gynecology, and Fellowship in IVF & Reproductive Medicine, is a renowned IVF specialist in Delhi with 15 years of experience. She specializes in various fields of reproductive medicine, including IVF, ICSI, donor egg surrogacy, and laparoscopy. Dr. Shweta approaches infertility treatment through technology innovation and a professional clinical approach. Book an Appointment View Details

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