Top 4 Ways To Prevent Lymphedema : Diagnosis and treatment

Top 4 Ways To Prevent Lymphedema

Introduction of Lymphedema

An abnormal fluid accumulation characterizes a medical condition known as Lymphedema. This condition arises when excess fluid accumulates in the soft tissue. The function of lymph nodes is comparable to that of the drains in the kitchen sink. If there is debris blocking the drainage, the liquid will not be able to escape. 

White blood cells in the lymph are responsible for the body’s immune response to foreign pathogens. When the lymphatic node is injured or clogged, it may cause a fluid buildup. There are instances when this swelling comes on suddenly and other times when it comes on gradually over many months. The arms and legs are the major areas of the condition.

What causes Lymphedema?

  • It is possible to develop Lymphedema as a side effect of cancer therapy or as a result of a cancer diagnosis.
  • A malignant tumor can become so large that it restricts the lymphatic system.
  • Lymph nodes and lymphatic arteries may get removed as part of any cancer operation. An accumulation of fluid inside the healthy tissue might result from this.
  • As a consequence of radiotherapy, lymphatic capillaries get damaged. It makes the lymphatic fluid accumulates inside the body tissue.

Do I have Lymphedema?

  • You should seek medical treatment if you notice that any part of your body seems to get swollen and grows in size over time.
  • The tissue in that particular region is stiffer than it is in any other part of the body. It may cause you to tingle all over your body at various points.
  • It may be more challenging to locate clothing and jewelry that can begin to be worn comfortably around the enlarged body region.
  • Patients afflicted with Lymphedema often comment that the affected limbs of their bodies feel like they are carrying an additional load.
  • The skin has a look that differs from what is customary regarding the degree of fleshiness and thickness.

Can Lymphedema be cured?

To prevent it from becoming worse, there are ways to deal with it. To suppress any pain, the signs and symptoms might get decreased.

Top 4 Ways To Prevent Lymphedema

Diet changes:

Diet Changes To Prevent Lymphedema

Taking deliberate actions to enhance your nutrition may lead to beneficial improvements, such as a reduction in body fat. If you gain weight after surgery or due to poor eating choices, it might worsen your lymphedema condition. Therefore, making some wholesome adjustments to how you now conduct your life is essential.

  • Avoid caffeinated drinks that include coffee and tea at all costs. Without proper hydration, they can lead to dehydration.
  • Consuming adequate protein is necessary to keep your health in tip-top shape. If you do not ingest sufficient protein to prevent fluid from seeping into body cells, your Lymphedema may become more severe.
  • When individuals ingest a significant amount of salt, they often retain excessive water.

Whole foods are preferable for lymphedema sufferers since they have not been subjected to any processing.

Regular medical checkups:

Medical Checkup To Prevent Lymphedema

People who have just had surgery as part of their treatment for cancer need to have frequent checkups. You may not notice any subtle changes in your limbs. However, if you go to your doctor for regular exams, your doctor’s specialized eyes will immediately identify any issues.

  • In case of any unusual symptoms, contact your primary healthcare provider.
  • Lymphedema should be screened for regularly at patients’ appointments with their physicians. People who haven’t seen or noted any symptoms should still be examined for the condition.
  • A happy and productive life is within your reach if you are willing to put in some effort. It is no longer necessary for you to be concerned about the Lymphedema returning.


Skincare To Prevent Lymphedema

Itchiness and discomfort are possible side effects of having lymphoedema. Consequently, the tissue has an increased risk of being contaminated and is also more prone to blister and split. It is essential to protect and care for the skin to avoid getting any injuries or illnesses to the skin.

  • When applying the final stroke of moisturizer, apply it downward.
  • Warm water is the most effective medium for daily cleansing. Being subjected to temperature extremes, such as being in an environment that is either overly cold or hot, may make swelling worse.
  • It is possible to prevent being bitten by insects using efficient repellants.
  • Sunburn often causes dryness of the skin as well as a burning sensation. Protect yourself from the sun’s rays by dressing in a way that provides shade.


Exercise To Prevent Lymphedema

  • Exercising your limb may help release the fluid found in lymphatic tissue. As a direct consequence of this, the inflammation is gradually going down.
  • During exercise, the heart is responsible for pumping blood, while the lymphatic system is responsible for forcing fluid down its channels.
  • Consequently, the movement of lymphatic fluid throughout your body will be accelerated.


Inflammation, skin irritation, pain, or redness in the limbs are all symptoms of Lymphedema. As soon as you notice these changes, you should seek immediate medical attention for Lymphedema. Please report it to your oncologist as soon as possible. Understanding the prevention steps for lymphatic swelling may assist control its symptoms.


1. Is it possible to reverse limb lymphedema?

Lymphedema is a chronic condition that has no known treatment. The goal of treatment is to reduce swelling and avoid further problems.

2. Which foods may assist in minimizing Lymphedema?

Fluids can leak into cells if you don’t have enough nutrients. Lymphedema becomes worse as a result. To maintain optimal health, you need to eat enough protein.

3. How the health care professional will examine the lymphatics.

Radiology exams, including CT scans and MRIs, may help determine whether or not the lymph network is functioning correctly. Your doctor will examine whether your lymphoid network is clogged with the use of these examinations.

4. Is massage good for Lymphedema?

A lymphatic drainage massage is an effective treatment for problems like Lymphedema or other medical issues. Those who show signs of lymphatic fluid buildup in their tissues should consult their physician about the benefits of massage.

5. Does Lymphedema weaken the immune cells?

Patients with Lymphedema have weakened immune systems, making them more susceptible to infection.

6. What to avoid with Lymphedema?

Affected areas should not be subjected to any kind of trauma. Avoid using the afflicted arm for lifting heavy objects. In the afflicted region, there are no fresh tattoos. Avoid putting pressure on the sore spot by avoiding wearing anything constricting, whether clothes, jewelry, shoes, or other accessories.

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