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Samya Malik

Visited For Thyroid Cancer

I want to thank Dr VikasGoswami from the bottom of my heart for saving my father’s life…our family will always be very grateful to him for his support and treatment. Actually my father had thyroid cancer. There was a lump on his neck, although not too big but it was still quite noticeable. His voice also changed a bit. He felt pain while swallowing food or even drinking water. Neck pain also troubled him a lot. He visited the doctor and started having some medications for throat infection. A couple of tests indicated it to be thyroid cancer. We were more than shocked and totally shattered…Obviously we couldn’t believe that because he never smoked or had alcohol. We had no choice but to accept the reality. Dr Vikas started the treatment..it was too difficult for us to see him in pain..but we trusted Dr Vikas. It has been more than a 1 year and my dad is doing much better now. He is recovering really well and all the regular tests indicate the same. I wanted to share this because I know many out there must be struggling with the disease…I know how scary the situation can get..i really recommend consulting Dr Vikas because it might save a precious life!!


Visited For Cancer Treatment

Hi I am here to share my cancer treatment experience and how I dealt with it. I hope it helps those who are also struggling with this disease like me. It all started around 1 year ago. My throat felt extremely dry all the time. I used to cough so bad that my mouth started bleeding. I felt pain around the throat, jaw and neck whenever I swallowed. The pain wouldn’t go away no matter how many antibiotics I ate. All the heavy medications made me lose my appetite and caused bad digestion. I couldn’t eat well and was getting very weak. A friend of mine told me to consult Dr. Vikas Goswami who is cancer expert. I was scared because I never thought in my worst nightmares that it could be cancer. But my family was too worried and I also wanted to clear my doubts so I fixed an appointment with Dr. Goswami. He diagnosed the condition and wrote some tests for me. I almost fainted when the results confirmed that it was throat cancer.Thank god it wasn’t too late!! The tumor was still small so the doctor put me on radiation therapy. I am 6 months into the treatment and feeling better. My health is improving and I am positive about being fit and fine again. This is my suggestion to all those who are suffering from similar symptoms or anything that points out towards cancer to please go and get yourself examined. Listen to your body and DO NOT PANIC as cancer can be cured if detected on time!!

Google Reviews

Tina Rawat

Dr. Vikas Goswami is the most professional and selfless doctor I have ever come across in my lifetime. He remembers all his patients by name, gives personal attention to each of them and is always updating himself in his area of expertise. Writing from my personal experience, you won't find a better Sr. Oncologist in india better than Dr. Vikas Goswami. I wish him all the best in his endeavours and pray to god to given him long life so that he can serve humanity.

Deepali Arora

I was treated by Dr.Vikas Goswami, the best oncologist in India, and still consulting him regularly. I find him very courteous and understanding. Very clear in his approach, which satisfies a patient's anxiety. He is not only a Doctor but a very good human being too. I have all the appreciation for him.

Nikita Patel

I am delighted with the treatment given by Dr. Vikas Goswami. I think he is the best oncologist in Noida. I and very thankful for the way he copes up with this mental twist with this disease. I am also very grateful to their team.

Sanjay Sinha

Mouthshut Reviews

Being a good and Professional Doctor, Dr. Vikas Goswami is polite and cares for his patient. I met him two months ago in the case of one of my relatives.

Dr. Vikas is known to be one of the best doctors of oncology today. He is very famous in Noida for the services. I would recommend anyone going through cancer to visit him.

Dr Vikas Goswami is one of the best Oncologist in NCR. He is genuine and have strong knowledge about cancer treatment. He is honest, caring and talk about truth and fact, not like other who draw your money. My family will be always thankful for his personal care given to my mother. I am strongly recommending him.

My mother in law is undergoing Dr goswami’s treatment since an year now. He is an extremely good human being and a good doctor. He treats all his patients with same care and affection and explains in very good manner. Wish him more success & good luck. Thank you doctor Vikas. Best Cancer Specialist In Delhi NCR.

Dr Vikas Goswami has been one Tremendous person we have interacted with. He has in-depth knowledge and made us understand things in a very clear and crisp manner. The way he interacts with his patients is something that separates him from Others.

Dr Vikas Goswami is definitely one of the best oncologists we have had the pleasure to get treatment from. He brings in so much clarity for his patients and doesn’t really hide the reality from them. We highly recommend visiting him for consultation.

Sulekha Reviews

"I would highly recommend Dr. Vikas Goswami. He is the best oncologist in Noida. My Uncle had lung Cancer. He was suffering from this diagnosis. We were unaware of this diagnosis. So I searched for the best doctor for cancer in Noida. Dr. Vikas Goswami handled the situation very maturely. He operated successfully. And now, my dad is absolutely okay. Thanks a lot, Sir, for being with us!"


"Dr. Vikas Goswami is a very expert and sensible doctor in Noida. I have undergone lung cancer. He has conducted it very well and as per requirement. He is a very cool doctor who doesn't scare a patient. He always tells the exact thing not only to satisfy the patient but the best he can in anyone's case."


Few months ago, my aunty suffering from breast cancer. I searched alot and found doc vikas, he is the best cancer specialist doctor. He saved my aunty and she is fully recovered. I am very thankful to him.

Deep Armani

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