Cost For Chemotherapy and Cancer treatment In India?

Cost For Chemotherapy and Cancer treatment In India

Cancer when diagnosed causes a big jolt not just to  the person concerned but to the entire family. The problems get further compounded if a person is not covered by insurance to pay for bills of treatment. Though Compared insurance Compared to other developed countries, the Chemotherapy and other cancer treatments cost in India is quite  affordable. Still one needs to have an idea about the costs involved to have seamless best possible treatment.

In this article, we will discuss different aspects which affect the treatment cost for chemotherapy In India

Factors affecting Cost for chemotherapy in India

Factors affecting Cost for chemotherapy in India

Type of cancer 

Depending on the cancer type, chemotherapy costs vary. The cost for each individual chemotherapy treatment is determined by type of cancer they are suffering from and the number of sessions of chemotherapy they need.

Stage of cancer 

It significantly affects the cost for chemotherapy. In the early stages of cancer (stages I and II), chemotherapy is relatively inexpensive. In stages III and IV of the disease, costs are relatively high because of longer treatment duration .

Treatment plan 

The chemotherapy cost cannot be generalized. It depends upon the type of chemotherapy drug used and the duration of stay in the hospital. Hospital stay for chemotherapy can vary from 2 hours to almost 1 week depending upon the diagnosis and treatment protocol. The use of chemotherapy may occasionally be combined with other treatment options, such as surgery or radiation therapy. Due to this, the cost of treatment will vary depending on the treatment plan for each patient.

The treatment cost  increases if targeted therapies (also called biological therapies or molecular therapies) are used. Some examples of Targeted therapies are Monoclonal antibodies like immunotherapy drugs. These are simple medicines given by intravenous routes. 

The cost for chemotherapy in India also increases if specialized test are used which give an idea of the probability of success or failure of any specific medicines. Some example of such test are NGS test. 

Type of Hospitals 

It also matters what type of hospital you choose for chemotherapy. Government hospitals in India, for example, charge much lower chemotherapy cost than private institutions. However, private hospitals will, without a doubt, provide better care.

Treatment Setting 

Chemotherapy costs also vary based on whether it is administered at home, clinic, or hospital.

In India, chemotherapy cost is way too expensive compared to IV or oral chemotherapy costs, as the way the chemotherapy is administered alters its pricing.

Chemotherapy drugs or dosage

The dosage of chemotherapy varies depending on the individual and stage of treatment they are going through. For individuals with greater body weight, the dosage is generally higher due to greater resistance to the medication, and for those with less weight, it is lower. While setting up a drug’s dosage, some drugs take both height and weight into account.

Additional costs for Chemotherapy in India

Chemotherapy cost in India are generally determined by your doctor, considering the number of tests you will undergo and how several other costs accompany it.

Additional charges include the charges before the chemotherapy session and the charges afterwards.

Pre Chemotherapy 

Pre-chemotherapy costs are the charges that an individual must pay prior to starting chemotherapy. There are no additional costs for consultations, lab tests, or diagnostic tests. Depending on the type of cancer, the fee may vary from patient to patient.

Post Chemotherapy 

It is possible that you will experience some side effects following a chemotherapy session. Medications are necessary to mitigate the side effects of chemotherapy. For instance, someone with an extremely low level of white blood cells would be given medicine to raise the level of white blood cells.

Post-chemotherapy costs in India also cover the cost of hospitalization and additional services.

Other factors 

Type of surgery

Surgery type, whether done laparoscopically or by robotic or open affects the cost. The same surgery if done with robotic assistance would be costly than if done by open traditional method. Needless to say that robotic surgeries have faster recovery time for the patient. 


Radiation is technology-driven. The type of equipment used greatly affects the cost 

So size fits all formula doesn’t work. One needs to be aware of The above factors to optimize the treatment options for maximum benefits. 


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