How to Increase Progesterone to Get Pregnant Naturally?

How to Increase Progesterone to Get Pregnant Naturally?

Meaning: Progesterone is a natural hormone. Alternatively, a lab may fabricate it.

For a chemical that has some or all of the biological properties of progesterone, “progestin” is a generic name. When referring to synthetic progesterone found in contraceptive pills and hormone replacement treatment, the word “progestin” is often used. Progesterone and progestin products, on the other hand, are entirely synthetic. Progesterone supplements are used if you wonder how to increase progesterone to get pregnant.

Progesterone concentrations in over-the-counter (OTC) drugs may differ from what is stated on the label. In addition, cosmetics labeled as topical progesterone products do not have to be approved by the FDA before they may be sold. The quantity of progesterone that may be used in cosmetics is now unrestricted.

The FDA suggested a regulation in 1993 that would have limited the quantity of progesterone in these products, however, this rule was never adopted by the FDA. You can consult your doctor about these OTC drugs to know how to increase progesterone to get pregnant.

Features of Progesterone

  •  Progesterone therapy may successfully help in the prevention of a loss pregnancy in women with luteal phase defects. A urine ovulation prediction kit is a typical tool used by women to pinpoint the exact day of their menstrual cycle. Progesterone supplementation begins four days after the LH surge is first detected since the LH spike normally foregoes ovulation by 18-30 hours.
  • Progesterone stimulates the development of glands and the growth of new blood vessels to allow the body to prepare for pregnancy. A fertilized egg may easily be implanted in this condition.
  • Premature birth may be reduced in some women by taking progesterone throughout pregnancy.
  • With one premature birth before, 17P injections may help avoid a preterm delivery.
  • Progesterone might increase the number of kids born each year by 8,450, according to a new study. 
  • Using twice-daily progesterone supplements to prevent miscarriage has been shown to be both scientifically and economically beneficial in two recent studies.

Key Benefits of Progesterone

Progesterone is known to be beneficial in initiating and maintaining pregnancy. It is also possibly effective for many other conditions. Progesterone is produced by the ovaries during the second two weeks of a woman’s cycle after the release of an egg during ovulation. After ovulation, progesterone production continues until menstruation occurs if there was no conception that month.

Progesterone helps prepare the endometrium (uterine lining) for a potential pregnancy after ovulation (the release of an egg). This hormone also stops the uterus from contracting, which could cause the body to reject a fertilized egg. During pregnancy, progesterone encourages the body to support the endometrium that nourishes the growing baby. This hormone also helps the body start producing breast milk.

Estrogen, the key female reproductive hormone, is responsible for the development and regulation of progesterone, as well as the protection of the fetus throughout pregnancy.

Ways to increase progesterone naturally

Maintain normal body weight

Higher body fat can result in the birth of surplus estrogen in fat cells (through the conversion of other hormones to estrogen). However, the ovaries are unaware of this, and as a result, they do not produce sufficient progesterone to make up for the lost estrogen. If you wonder how to increase progesterone to get pregnant, maintaining weight is a key aspect to know.

Although maintaining an ideal weight does not increase progesterone directly, it does maintain the normal estrogen levels, balancing the progesterone level reasonably as a result.

Include Vitex capsules

A study found that vitex reduced prolactin secretion while simultaneously increasing progesterone levels. Vitex has been proven to help maintain healthy progesterone, and it might also be advantageous for those suffering from premenstrual syndrome. You can also consume foods that increase progesterone.

Avoid Over-exercising

Both progesterone and cortisol are produced by the same biological process and are derived from pregnenolone, which is found in both hormones.

Anything that causes stress in the body (for example, intense exercise) signals to our adrenal glands to produce stress levels and emphasize our survival over nearly every other physiological function, including reproductive functions. The answer to how to increase progesterone to get pregnant isn’t always exercising.

When we are exercising excessively or at a higher intensity regularly, cortisol production takes precedence over the production of sex hormones. Progesterone is the hormone that is most likely to be affected by this mechanism.

Avoid too much stress

Chronic stress promotes the release of adrenaline and cortisol at the cost of the production of sex hormones such as progesterone and estradiol. Find a stress-reduction technique that works for you or even try foods that increase progesterone. It is critical to your overall health and fertility!

Zinc and Vitamin C foods

This essential mineral is not only beneficial to your immunity and skin, but it is also beneficial to your overall health. Zinc also aids in the production of follicle-stimulating hormones by the pituitary gland. These aid in the stimulation of ovulation and also signal to your ovaries to generate more progesterone if you get pregnant each month.

It has been suggested that antioxidants such as vitamin C might be key to how to increase progesterone to get pregnant. Increased progesterone levels and the resolution of luteal phase abnormalities have both been shown to promote fertility when supplemented with vitamin C.

Nutrients that help in boosting progesterone


The more time it takes for certain meals to pass through your digestive tract, the more estrogen your body absorbs. When you consume more fiber, your bowel motions will be easier and your body will have less time to absorb estrogen. It can be your solution to how to increase progesterone. 

Vitamin C

It has been shown in a study that women who consumed 750 mg of vitamin C per day saw a 77% boost in progesterone levels in their bodies. 


Since magnesium regulates hormones, this mineral is also responsible to raise progesterone levels. The reason for this is because it aids in the regulation of the pituitary gland, which releases FSH, LH, and TSH, all of which stimulate the creation of estrogen and progesterone.


The pituitary gland and ovaries are two places where zinc influences the body’s ability to produce progesterone, including other parts too. Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) production is increased by zinc, which in turn stimulates ovulation and progesterone production.

Symptoms of Low progesterone 

Symptoms of Low progesterone

Weight Gain

Progesterone levels may be to blame for your weight gain. Women’s weight reduction depends on ensuring that their hormones are in balance. Having a hormonal imbalance, such as low progesterone, might produce a weight gain situation, even if you are having a healthy diet and exercising.

Anxiety or depression

GABA is a neurotransmitter that is closely linked to progesterone. Anxiety, depression, impatience, and sleeplessness are all possible side effects of low progesterone levels. It needs you to find out how to increase progesterone to get pregnant as low levels might affect pregnancy.

 Mood swings

Several women’s mood problems are attributed to a decline in estrogen levels as they become older. One of the first indicators of a decline in progesterone beyond the age of 30 is a change in the mood because it’s one of the hormones that stabilizes mood. 

Treatment of Low progesterone 

Progesterone supplements

If your body isn’t producing enough progesterone, you can buy bio-identical progesterone, which is commonly accessible. It is one of the effective answers to how to increase progesterone to get pregnant. 


Artificial luteal phase deficit and progesterone supplementation are used in In vitro fertilization techniques. In most cases, progesterone is administered intramuscularly with a big needle directly into the groin.

Change Diet Plan

A change in diet plan might be one of the major factors to improve progesterone levels. Progesterone foods play a major role in maintaining your progesterone levels including nutritious foods like green tea, fish, food containing vitamin C, etc. You should consider consulting your doctor to bring an ideal change in diet pan.


Pregnancy usually results in a rise in progesterone levels. High levels of progesterone may also be caused by other factors like stress, smoking, or consuming too much coffee. 

Unlike in women, progesterone development in males is substantially lower and less erratic.

After menopause, women’s levels of progesterone drop to levels comparable to those of males. It is crucial to take steps on how to increase progesterone. Menopausal symptoms like mood swings, bloating, and insomnia can be attributed to this.

Maintaining a healthy weight and obtaining adequate vitamin C and B6 may help to increase progesterone to get pregnant. Vitex, the chaste tree berry, may also be helpful.


What are some natural methods of increasing progesterone?

It can be affected by maintaining normal body weight, progesterone foods, vitex capsules, avoiding over-exercising, avoiding too much stress, including the consumption of zinc and Vitamin c foods.

What are the functions of progesterone?

Progesterone is known to be beneficial in initiating and maintaining pregnancy. That is why women often prefer supplements to increase progesterone. 

What is the difference between Pre-ovulation progesterone and early pregnancy progesterone?

The brain releases pre-ovulation hormones LH and FSH to stimulate the ovaries to generate progesterone. It assists the ovaries to mature and release egg cells.

A fertilized egg produces hCG, which stimulates the ovarian scar to generate more progesterone, allowing for easier implantation and pregnancy. Progesterone deficiency prevents conception in both circumstances.

 Which organ produces progesterone?

There are two reproductive roles of the ovaries. They generate oocytes (eggs) for implantation and estrogen and progesterone for reproduction. 

Why do progesterone levels drop in early pregnancy?

In the absence of implantation, progesterone levels fall, the uterus lining sheds, and you get your menstruations.

What will happen if a man injects progesterone?

It may impact the nervous system, affecting sleep, gonadotropin secretion, and CNS malignancies (meningioma, fibroma).


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