How do you have a healthy pregnancy?

For a healthy pregnancy, it is important for a woman to take care of her health and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Here are some recommended tips for a healthy pregnancy –

  • Take prenatal medicine – Even if you are trying to conceive, it is always advised to take prenatal medicine. A baby’s neural code develops within the first month of pregnancy; hence, it is crucial to get essential nutrients – like proteins, calcium, and iron.

Take the prenatal vitamins only by your doctor’s prescription.

  • Exercise – It is important to exercise so that you stay healthy and control your weight, improve blood circulation, and boost your mood. Take a pregnancy exercise class for 15-20 minutes every day at a moderate speed in a calm and shaded area.

There are several exercises that are suitable for pregnant women such as, yoga, pilates, swimming, and walking. But, again, always consult your doctor before starting any exercise.

  • Draft a birth plan – Write down your wishes and give to everyone who will be involved in your pregnancy. You can mention the procedures you would like to follow, or who all should be there, etc.
  • Inform and educate yourself – Even if this is not your first baby, attending a childbirth class will help you prepare for delivery. You can also clear your queries, doubt, and concern regarding your pregnancy.
  • Practice Kegel exercise – Kegel exercises strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and support your bladder, bowels, and uterus. If done correctly and effectively, this simple exercise can make your delivery easy and can help in preventing later problems.

You can practice Kegels exercise while you are in a car, or sitting at a desk or even standing in a grocery queue.

The right method to do so is –

 Practice squeezing your belly as if you are stopping the urine flow when you use the bathroom.

– Hold for five seconds and then relax for three seconds.

 Repeat the same ten times.

  • Eliminate Toxins – It is advised that a pregnant woman should avoid alcohol, illicit drugs, and even several solvents such as paint thinners, and nail polish remover. Smoking cigarettes decreases the oxygen flow to the baby.
  • Change daily chores – When a woman is pregnant, everyday chores like scrubbing the bathroom or cleaning can become risky. Hence, lifting heavy objects, or coming in contact with bacteria, should be avoided.

The other things that should be avoided are climbing ladders, using harsh chemicals, and standing for a longer period of time.

  • Check your medicines – Do not take any medicines without consulting the doctor. Studies suggest that non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs should also be avoided as they increase the risk of miscarriage. Besides, they can also cause damage to fetal blood vessels.
  • Track your bodyweight – No doubt, you are eating a meal for two, but grabbing extra meals can make it hard to lose later. Apparently, not eating enough can also cause the baby at risk for a low-weight birth. This is a major cause of developmental problems.

Hence, it is advised to check with your doctor to make sure you are gaining weight at a healthy rate.

  • Visit for a shoe shopping – Now, this is the perfect time to buy shoes. There is a high possibility that as your bump grows, your feet size will also grow. That is because of the natural weight gain and the extra pressure put on your toes. Sometimes, the pressure can be painful, and your foot can become flattered.

Hence, it’s important to wear comfortable and right to fit shoes when you are pregnant.

  • Drink more water – during pregnancy; blood is supplying oxygen and important nutrients to your baby through the placenta. Hence, it is important to increase your blood volume to handle all the extra activity.
  • Eat a well-balanced meal – Eat five or six well-balanced meals which are rich in cereals, lentils, wheat germ, proteins, and vitamins.
  • Take care of your hygiene and cleanliness – Frequent handwashing can help you in protecting against germs and infections. You can even use a hand sanitizer in case you cannot go near a sink.
  • Listen to your cravings – Although no one knows why pregnancy cravings happen, it has been said that it is nature’s way of providing essential nutrients a pregnant woman requires.
  • Know about Postpartum Depression – You might not be aware that 10-20% of women experience symptoms of major depression. So, if you are feeling sad, angry, or guilty, consult your doctor who is familiar with pregnancy-related mental issues.
  • Consult your Doctor – Pregnancy can be confusing, especially if it is your first time, hence it is very important to know when to consult a doctor. You can call the doctor if you have any symptoms such as any pain, strong cramps, vaginal bleeding, dizziness, heart palpitations, nausea, vomiting, etc.

The above tips should help you maintain a healthy pregnancy. 

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